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Techno-globalisation and Internationalisation Strategies

Supporting SDG 17 (Partnership for the Goals)

In several projects, ZSI researches and promotes internationalisation of research and innovation as well as techno-globalisation.

Techno-globalization denotes a global pervasion in generating technological knowledge and exploiting innovations with a technological content. It also claims that globalization that has been shaped and advanced with the help of technology. With regard to R&D and innovation, the term in its most modest form is shorthand for the fact that generation, transmission, and diffusion of technologies is increasingly international in scope. A fundamental typology (Archibugi and Michie, 1995) differentiates between:

  1. global technology exploitation
  2. global technological cooperation
  3. global generation of technology

For more than 15 years, ZSI has actively contributed to researching such techno-globalization phenomena and related foresight and dialogue activities. Moreover, ZSI is engaged in conceptualising and designing strategies and instruments for governments and research systems, how to maximise the benefits of techno-globalisation, and how to minimise its negative sides. Among the clients for such advisory services are the European Commission, ERAC (formerly CREST), the Austrian government, the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development and many others.

Another concept in this context is the one of "science diplomacy" where ZSI also takes a leading role by coordinating one of the research and innovation actions funded under Horizon 2020 on this topic: S4D4C.

ZSI is also active partner in key support facilities of the European Commission:

Contact person: Mag. Dr. Klaus Schuch

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