Call to participate in the ResInfra@DR support activity - final reminder!

18. Mar. 2019

Facilitating macro-regional scope and link up to socio-economic actors of Research Infrastructure in the Danube Region

In the framework of the project “Facilitating macro-regional scope and link up to socio-economic actors of Research Infrastructure in the Danube Region - ResInfra@DR”, the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) releases an open call for single experts or expert teams to participate in the ResInfra@DR pilot activity regarding the support in designing/developing of the Nuclear Medicine Center at the Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering and the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics from Magurele, Romania.

The core element of this support action will consist of providing specific recommendations by an expert team that will work together with the ResInfra@DR partnership. The recommendations will focus on the steps or activities that will contribute to the creation and development of theNuclear Medicine Center.
The experts must have previous demonstrated experience in the following areas: nuclear medicine, radio pharmacy, molecular imaging, radioisotopes, business in the field of science and research infrastructure processes. The candidates will be evaluated based on their experience and qualification and also on the relevance and quality of their applications according to the criteria mentioned in the ToR.
Applications from single experts or teams of experts (two complementary experts) are highly welcome, in case of applications of single applicants two experts might be paired to form a team.

ToR call for single experts or expert teams - download here...

The following timeframe applies for this ToR call
Opening of the ToR call (date of announcement): 06 March 2019
Deadline for submitting the applications: 18 March 2019

The documents for the response to this ToR call (not exceeding 10 MByte) must be sent by e-mail to:

Applications must be submitted and presented in English in accordance with the provisions mentioned in the ToR. Further details of this call can be found here. 

UEFISCDI Contact person:
Ms Raluca Ciobotaru:

Imagesource: Pixabay, by felixioncool (Pixabay license)

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