Join the WeLaR Open Virtual Expert Café on 30 November

27. Nov. 2023

The first WeLaR Open Virtual Expert Café will take place on 30 November from 2:00-3:30 PM CET.

Date and time of WeLaR event in WeLaR layout

Join us to discuss how labour markets and welfare states are changing as a result of digitalisation, globalisation, demographic changes and the greening of the economy.A Virtual Expert Café is an open and informal format driven by participants’ contributions. It can be a platform to promote an ongoing project or research, tap into attendants’ collective intelligence for a specific question or simply to enjoy a dynamic thematic conversation.

Presenters come from within and outside the WeLaR consortium and have 5-7 minutes each, using 1 or 2 slides, to showcase papers, projects, conferences or requests for co-operation. The slides can include links to further materials, contact data and follow-up information. The topic is open, as long as it’s connected to WeLaR’s subject matter: the impacts of digitalisation, globalisation, climate change and demographic shifts on labour markets and welfare states in Europe.

If you’d like to present, please send an e-mail to

To participate, please register here.


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