Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships at the Centre of Social Innovation

17. Mar. 2015

ZSI hosts MSC-IF in the field of social sciences and humanities

The EC launched a new application round for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships (IF-EF). Deadline is 10 September 2015. More information about the call can be accessed here.

The Vienna based Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) welcomes MSC-researchers in the institute's core field of research activities. Proposals for European Fellowships involve a single host organisation (future beneficiary) and a researcher from an EU Member State or country associated to Horizon 2020. The project proposals are submitted by the host organisation, which is represented by the supervisor, in liaison with the researcher.

ZSI was Austria's most successful non-university social scientific research institute in FP7. It has a long track record in applied social sciences in the fields of labour market research, migration and integration studies, social scientific research on technology and innovation systems, participative technology assessment, collaborative eLearning in theory and practice, techno-globalization and analysis of international cooperation in research, analysis of knowledge-based socities and innovation systems etc.

ZSI is experienced in hosting international researchers and welcomes your research ideas fitting into the portfolio of ZSI. Please send your application and short draft of your research idea, which will be treated confidentially, to ZSI's scientific director, Mr. Klaus Schuch.

Tags: international cooperation, internationalisation