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Regional ICT Foresight exercise for Southeast European countries

The FORSEE project targets ICT RTD policy reform in the South-eastern Europe (SEE) region, proposing a focused effort on introducing a Foresight culture in the region, which is necessary in order to accelerate target countries' socioeconomic growth on their way to matching the challenges of the global networked economy and participating on equal footing in the European Research Area.

The project introduces a sustainable mechanism for ICT Foresight, which was not yet regularly applied as a tool for technological future orientation and research policy review. The project partnership, comprising organisations responsible for policy making in ICT or Science and Technological Development, and ensures the institutional capacity and political commitment that is needed in order to implement this ambitious initiative. FORSEE's main objective is to identify the shortcomings of the ICT RTD sector in the region, and orchestrate the establishment of a regional collaboration network, working on ICT Foresight, and exploring synergies and complementarities between research resources in the target countries. The project's efforts address regional stakeholders in the sector, and provide a participatory platform for collaboration in order to ensure that the outputs receive wide acceptance and inspire the necessary sense of regional ownership.

One of the most important elements of the project is the hands-on approach in the implementation of pilot ICT Foresight exercises in all target countries based on a regional methodology adapted to the region's capacities and resources. Therefore, the project acknowledges that significant savings of resources can be achieved by implementing a regional foresight initiative, coupled by the strong collaboration potential that such an approach will ensure.



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Tags: foresight, ICT, Southeast Europe

Type: Networks

Program: South East Europe - Transnational Cooperation Programme

Submission Date: 09/2010

Project Status: Finished

Project Duration: 41 months

Start/End: 01/2011 - 05/2014

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