1.    Brief Description

This fellowship allows a scholar selected in a yearly competitive call to spend a month in Vienna, in close coordination with ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation. Prerequisite is the submission of a project idea using the application form. The result of the work shall be a scientific publication or the preparation of a scientific or practical project, or a project proposal covering social innovation issues.

2.    Aims and objectives
The aim of the fellowship is to facilitate the discourse on social innovation. Several formats may be considered, depending on the practicality of the proposal submitted by the scholar: 

  1. Preparation of an article for publication in a scientific journal or as a book chapter.
  2. Preparation of a scientific project to research the development, dissemination, and impact of social innovations in relevant social and political contexts in terms of novel empirical findings or contributions to new theories.
  3. Preparation of a project to transfer findings from basic research and supporting social innovations in societally relevant areas to improve inclusion and/or participation and/or empowerment.

3.    Eligibility
Eligible are academic researchers and researchers working interdisciplinary with at least three years of professional experience after receiving their academic degree (Mag., M.A., MSc. or equivalent). The application is to be submitted by the 31st of December each year (until further notice) to the scientific director of ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation, using a structured application form

4.    Selection Procedure
All applications received will be reviewed and ranked by the scientific director according to general (such as coherence of application, embedding in the scientific discourse, novelty) and specific (connectivity with ZSI research topics, expected impact) scientific quality standards and evaluation categories. The top three applications will be presented to a jury of three experts, nominated and coordinated by the scientific director. The scientific director does not have a vote in the selection procedure. The jury will prepare a shortlist of the best three applications, based on criteria reflected in the application form. The first ranked application will be presented to the managing board of ZSI for approval by the 28th of February the next year. The managing board reserves the right to reject the proposal and select one of the other two applications from the shortlist. In this case, it has to justify its decision in a confidential note to the jury. The decision of the managing board will be communicated to all applicants by March 31st. All communication as well as all related documents are confidential. Members of the jury and the managing board commit themselves not to disclose any information regarding the selection procedure. There is no legal remedy against the decision of the managing board. The selected applicant has to reach an agreement with ZSI - taking into account given resources such as required office space etc. - about the beginning of the fellowship within twelve months after receiving the fellowship notice.

5.    Amount and Type of the Fellowship
The amount of the fellowship is based on assumed working costs (including all relevant taxes, social security and other charges) of € 5,000.00 for a full-time scholar month. In addition, travel costs to Vienna and accommodation costs, if needed, for one month at the amount of up to € 2,000.00 as well as general costs for the fellow (such as literature or software) at the amount of up to € 500.00 are eligilbe based on original invoices. Thejustified  eligible amount of up to € 7,500.00 will be paid to the fellow in two instalments based on a service contract. The first instalment amounts to € 2,500.00. The second installment will be paid after receipt and acceptance of the final result (see paragraph 2, e.g. a manuscript for a scientific article, a project proposal), under the condition that the fellow indeed spends at least one month at ZSI in Vienna. During this time, he or she will have to give a presentation about his or her research. The internal costs of the preparation of the fellowship, the supervision as well as the provision of a workplace are calculated with € 2,500.00. The total amount of the fellowship is therefore € 10,000.00. 

On the occasion of the 25 year anniversary of ZSI, the fellowship was presented to the public on November 18, 2015 for the first time.