State-of-the-Art Report on Science Diplomacy

Section: Research Policy & Development

The term science diplomacy has gained increasing attention both within academia and in the political agenda setting in recent years. In some cases, it has turned into a reference label when discussing the interaction between science and international affairs. S4D4C specifically wants to investigate how this interplay acts out on the European level and how European science diplomacy could be strengthened. Yet, from an analytical point of view, it still remains an open question what exactly the term denotes, how it is defined and conceptualized. Particularly, it seems to be both informed by an academic as well as by a political interests. This could compromise the analytical capacity of science diplomacy as a concept. This state of the art report examines these questions and provides a literature overview on the discussion and findings of the debate of EU science diplomacy. In doing that, we distinguish between science diplomacy as a discourse and existing activities and structures that could be potentially considered as science diplomacy but do not need to be.

Cite as: Rungius, Charlotte / Flink, Tim / Degelsegger-Márquez, Alexander (2018): State-of-the-Art Report: Summarising Literature on Science Diplomacy Cases and Concepts. S4D4C Deliverable D2.2, Berlin/Vienna: S4D4C.

Authors: Degelsegger-Márquez, A., Rungius, C., Rungius, Charlotte; Flink, Tim


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Tags: international cooperation, science diplomacy, SDGs

Category: Projektberichte

Publication Date: 2018

Procurement: Online (download)