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PSF Specific Support to Georgia

ZSI supported reforms in Georgia in the fields of science-industry relations and performance-based funding of R&D

The objective of the PSF specific support to Georgia was to provide tailored advice and concrete recommendations to the Georgian authorities linked to the implementation of three selected issues :

  1. Support in identification of promising research fields
  2. Measures for narrowing the gap between research and industry/business
  3. Proposal for the performance-based funding of research entities

The PSF team included independent European R&I policy experts from Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Sweden and the UK, who met and discussed the Georgian research and innovation landscape with stakeholders such as the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science and the Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. The review team was chaired by Peter Honeth, Former State Secretary for Higher Education and Research for the Swedish Government (2006-2014).

Manfred Spiesberger, ZSI, is rapporteur of the external review panel. Klaus Schuch, ZSI, is main author of the background report on the Georgian science, research and innovation system.


Section: Research Policy & Development

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Tags: Eastern Partnership countries, Georgia, innovation systems analysis, peer reviews

Type: Research

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 08/2017 - 04/2018

Project Duration: 9 months

Website: ... rt-georgia