Austrian Research and Technology Report 2023

Section: Research Policy & Development

The Austrian Research and Technology Report 2023 provides an overview of Austria’s federally funded research, technology and innovation (RTI). Besides the presentation of recent trends in research policy, covering the status of implementation of the RTI Strategy 2030 and the research-relevant sub-strategies as well as the latest developments in higher education, the report analyses Austria’s RTI performance at national and international level based on recent data from international rankings, from the statistical surveys on the funding and implementation of research and experimental development (R&D) and the 2023 global estimate.
This year’s report focuses on supporting the green and digital transformation in research and economy. The major societal challenges – especially in the areas of climate protection and use of resources – show the significance and importance of basic and application-oriented research in overcoming crises.

Suggested citiation: Ecker, B., Kaufmann, P., Schuch, K. Sturn, D. et al. (2023). Austrian Research and Technology Report 2023. Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy. Vienna. DOI: 10.22163/fteval.2023.617

Authors: Philipp, S., Schuch, K., Sturn, D., Brigitte Ecker (coordination, WPZ Research), Philip Brunner (IWI), Tobias Dudenbostel(Technopolis), Simone Maria Grabner (Austrian Institute for SME Research), Ernst Andreas Hartmann (iit), David Heckenberg...


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Category: Bücher

Publication Date: 2023

Procurement: Online (download)