Ukrainian journal "Science and Innovation"

23. Dec. 2015

Open call for publications!

The English language journal "Science and Innovation" of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine calls for international contributions. The topics covered by the journal are:

Here are the topics of SPJ "Science and Innovation":

• General Questions on Modern Scientific, Technical and Innovation Policy

          - legal and methodological foundations

          - economic aspects

          - discussion forum

    • Scientific and Technical Innovation Projects of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

    • The Scientific Basis of Innovation

          - instrumentation

          - telecommunications and navigation

          - nanotechnology and functional materials

          - transportation and construction technologies

          - agriculture and agricultural technology

          - environmental technology and biotechnology

          - energy and resource saving

    • Legal Protection of Intellectual Property

    • The World of Innovation

          - know-how and technology transfer

          - innovative structures

          - in terms of numbers

          - ongoing information in science and innovation field

If you are interested to engage in this unique opportunity, please consult the journal's website. The guidelines for authors can be found here.

Given the geopolitical situation, not at least manifested by Ukraine's association to HORIZON 2020, Klaus Schuch, scientific director of ZSI, as one of the members of the International Editorial Board of the Ukrainian Journal "Science and Innovation", strongly favours and invites international contributions!

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