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Energy Citizenship and Energy Communities for a Clean Energy Transition

EC² gathers empirical evidence on how the set-up of energy communities fosters or hinders energy citizenship.

Based on an inter- and transdisciplinary conceptualization of energy citizenship, EC² deliberates economic trends, identifies economic conditions, business model innovations, public support policies and legal regulations that are needed for the emergence of energy citizenship and its potential contribution to the low-carbon energy transition. EC² focuses in particular on energy communities as emerging entities within the energy sector and as potential key actors to promote energy citizenship.  

The objective is to gather empirical evidence on how the framework and the set-up of energy communities foster or hinder energy citizenship and its conduciveness for broader policy goals and under which circumstances energy communities and energy citizens benefit most from each other. To this end, EC² develops a scale to quantitatively assess the psychological manifestation of energy citizenship within individuals. The team studies the complex relationships between the legal frameworks, the economic structures, and the psychological set-ups of energy communities and their surrounding societies, on the one hand, and energy citizenship, on the other. To identify causal relationships, EC² conducts experimental lab studies, in addition to broader field studies. Based on these insights, the team develops and empirically tests recommendations and tools to overcome barriers and facilitate the scaling up of energy citizenship and energy communities.


Section: Technology and Knowledge


Tags: energy, energy citizenship, energy community, energy transition

Type: Research

Program: Horizon 2020

Project Status: In progress

Submission Date: 09/2020

Start/End: 05/2021 - 04/2024

Project Duration: 36 months


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