Research Policy & Development

F&E - Research Policy & Development

We research, network and advise.

The experts of the ZSI unit  Research Policy & Development (F&E) develop and realize projects on the interface between research and application.

The projects in our unit are characterized by innovative topics, methodological diversity and high quality of results.

The projects of F&E are based upon cooperation and networking with international partner organizations in the European Union, enlargement countries and third countries. Many of them are financed by the Framework Programmes of the European Union (FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020).

Key aspects of our activities are:

F&E is expanding its focus in regard to

  • Research in the field of technoglobalisation, analysis of conditions, potentials and barriers to international research cooperation
  • Transfer of know-how gained from the geographical region of South East Europe to other regions (Latin America, South East Asia, Russia and Central Asia, etc.)
  • Co-Publication-studies: Conducting of bibliometric analysis of international academic and scientific publications, in order to better understand the increasing internationalisation trends in science, technology and innovation. Further, the ZSI delivers interactive visualizations, based on the retrieved bibliometric data.
  • Foresight: Studies on possible developments in the future, which can be both used as networking- or policymaking tools. Assumptions on possible scenarios in science, technology and innovation, which are based on Foresight studies, allow to make better decisions already today.
  • further competencies and activities of the F&E department you find here.


Head of Department: M.A. Gorazd Weiss

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