Technology and Knowledge

T & W - We use, research and adapt Technologies

The unit Technology and Knowledge (T&W) conducts scientific research on social conditions and results of the practical use of technology. From our point of view technology is always closely related to the social organisation of its creation and functioning. Every technology represents a socially influenced and therefore principally changing form of knowledge. In addition, technology itself is increasingly used as a means for knowledge transfer.

The core competencies of the unit Technology and Knowledge include,

  • Research: social scientific research on technology and innovation systems, participative technology assessment
  • Knowledge transfer: collaborative eLearning in theory and practice, internet databases, virtual networks
  • Policy advice: application and use of information and communication technology

Research activities centre around sustainable technology development as well as the use of new information and communication technologies. Our research addresses the conditions of emerging technologies, the diffusion of technology and the results from such technology. Special emphasis is directed towards the inclusion of technology users.

Our knowledge transfer projects are focusing on the potentials of new information and communication technologies. Since many years, the eLearning competence team of the T&W unit deals with eDidatics. Based upon the concept of collaborative eLearning a course programme for online tutoring has been developed and tailor-made consultancy on technology enhanced learning is offered.

Head of unit: Dr. Christian Voigt

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T&W Membership:

EATEL Membership European Association für Technology-Enhanced Learning


EFQUEL - European Foundation for Quality of Learning


PCST Membership - Public Communication of Science and Technology


Project MUSE



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