Technology and Knowledge

T & W - We use, research and adapt Technologies

The unit Technology and Knowledge (T&W) designs and implements projects in the four fields of action:

  • Research
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Education and science communication
    Project management and coordination

The projects in the area are characterised by an innovative choice of topics, methodological diversity and high quality of results.

The main focus areas in T&W are:
  • Technology and learning: In this cluster, central issues are dealt with that are relevant in connection with technology-supported learning, hands-on learning in makerspaces, and in the STEAM area. It is about questions of didactics, the further development of technical solutions and the future possibilities of using new information and communication technologies as well as the qualification requirements in the field of e-skills
  • Socio-technical systems: This cluster focuses on new forms of technology assessment, approaches to sustainable technology design with a focus on users, the dissemination and impact of new technologies and scientific research and monitoring of sustainability processes.
  • Science and society: Participation processes in science are the focus here in the form of citizen science, open innovation, deliberation processes with different stakeholders, responsible research and innovation (RRI) and science communication.
  • Socio-ecological topics: This cluster deals with socio-ecological transformation processes, renewable energies, energy communities, bioeconomy, nutrition as well as climate protection and adaptation.
Social innovation as the guiding principle in all of our projects refers to the social embedding of technology, the social framework of innovation activity and the social organization of mediation processes as well as the change in social practices.

Head of unit: Dr. Elisabeth Unterfrauner


T&W Memberships:

ECSA- European Citizen Science Association

EATEL Membership European Association für Technology-Enhanced Learning

EATEL Membership European Association für Technology-Enhanced Learning

EFQUEL - European Foundation for Quality of Learning
PCST Membership - Public Communication of Science and Technology