Science Diplomacy in Times of Global Crises

Our science diplomacy event at the UNGA78 Science Summit in New York.

Section: Research Policy & Development

Date: 14. - 15. September 2023











Science diplomacy is an often-promulgated concept in light of tackling global challenges in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world order. It is believed to foster peace and understanding between nations and has often been utilized to argue for more cooperation and openness among adverse states.

Can science diplomacy keep up with its promise in an ever-more fragmented multipolar world? Does the concept and its basic tenets need to be revised or has science diplomacy never been more valid and important?

This event explores science diplomacy in current global affairs from at least two perspectives in times of multiple crises: the need for openness and collaboration in tackling global challenges and the need for safe-guarding indisputable values, principles and interests.

  • The first perspective will be addressed with a focus on Artificial Intelligence: “Open science diplomacy for an ethical and trustworthy global AI” (Session 1)
  • The second perspective will be covered by attending to the risks of foreign interference, intellectual property right, misinformation and manipulation in international science cooperation: “Science diplomacy in a fragmented, multipolar world” (Session 2). Both sessions will take place on Friday morning, September 15th.
  • The opening session on Thursday night (September 14th) will also invite artistic perspectives and approaches to the otherwise highly conceptual debate, thereby broadening the range of perspectives on science diplomacy in times of global crises.

The sessions on Friday have been registered as an official side event of the Science Summit at the 78th United Nations General Assembly September 12th-29th, 2023.

Event Program




Type: Collaborative event (ZSI as co-organiser)

Organizer: ZSI, University for Continuing Education Krems (UWK), Austrian Cultural Forum New York

Location: New York, USA


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