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Recherche für den Fonds Soziales Wien

Research for Fonds Soziales Wien

ZSI researches examples of best practice dementia strategies and measures in European cities for the FSW, as well as for dementia counselling centres in Austria.

Dementia will be an urgent topic in the following years, as more and more people will be affected by it. In order to be prepared for these effects, nations and cities develop dementia strategies. The Fonds Soziales Wien is responsible for coordinating the development of the dementia strategy of the City of Vienna. The Center for Social Innovation supports the FSW by conducting best practice research on dementia care and strategies in European cities, as well as research on counselling centers in Austria.

Interviews with international experts, as well as a literature review, feed the analysis of the cities, who are chosen to be a best-practice example. An online peer learning workshop, organized by ZSI, enables a lively exchange between those responsible for dementia strategies in these different European cities and the Fonds Soziales Wien.

The analysis of the dementia counselling centres in Austria is carried out with a web search and interviews with those responsible for these centres. The results will be presented comparatively in a final report.





Section: Work and Equal Opportunities

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Type: Research

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 05/2023 - 09/2023

Project Duration: 5 months