Work and Equal Opportunities

A&C Work and Equal Opportunities

We research, network, advise and train

The experts of "Work and Equal Opportunities" (A & C) develop and implement social innovations by means of research, networking, policy advice and education. The projects of A&C aim at social cohesion and greater public welfare.

A&C is characterised by its search for socially innovative topics in the field of labour market and social policy, its methodological variety and high quality delivery.

A&C projects focus on

  • Work and employment: Projects in this thematic field focus on changing working environments (e.g. consequences of digitalisation), innovative employment policies and measures (e.g. policy strategies linking different policy fields) and the shaping of social change with regard to the grand societal challenges such as demographic change.
  • Equal opportunities and inclusion: Projects in this thematic field focus on the results and consequences of international migration and re-migration, migration policies, social inclusion (e.g. in the field of education), anti-discrimination (e.g. on company level) and inclusive urban research.

A&C links research systematically with application (see 'ZSI-Research-application slalom').

Many of the 10 to 15 A&C projects created and implemented each year are based on international co-operation and networks with partners from the EU in particular, such as the European Metropolis Employment Network (MetropolisNet).

Contact: Barbara Glinsner