International R&I cooperation policies revisited: sustained challenges and new developments

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Schuch, K., Gustafsson, G., Boekholt, P. and T. Könnölä (2020): International R&I cooperation policies revisited: sustained challenges and new developments. European Commission - Directorate-General for Research and InnovationPrinted by the Publications Office of the European Union. ISBN 978-92-76-17437-0; doi: 10.2777/368726

The Final Report of the Mutual Learning Exercise on ‘National Strategies and Roadmaps for International Cooperation in R&I’ summarises findings from the workshops, discussions and thematic input papers produced during this exercise. The report reflects the main threads of an intense policy exchange on the various national approaches towards international cooperation in research and innovation and highlights identified sustained challenges and new or upcoming developments. Based on shared concerns, promising approaches and inspiring practices, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are formulated to enhance the effectiveness of international R&I cooperation strategies, roadmaps and activities of the EU and its Member States.

The report shows among many other things, that the originally positive-affirmative approach to international RTI cooperation has given way to a more balanced position. It also casts a critical light on some shortcomings in international RTI cooperation policy.

The report was written by Klaus Schuch (ZSI, rapporteur), Gunnel Gustafsson (Chair), Patries Boekholt and Totti Könnölä.

You can download the report from here.


Authors: Schuch, K., Gunnel Gustafsson, Patries Boekholt and Totti Könnölä.


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Category: Projektberichte

Publication Date: 2020

Procurement: Online (download)