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Evaluation of UNIDO's Strategic Research Programme COMPID

Evaluation of the "Combating Marginalization and Poverty through Industrial Development (COMPID)" programme

The "combating against marginalization and poverty through industrial development programme" (COMPID) was a socio-economic research project carried out by the UNIDO between January 2002 and November 2006.

The program was divided into five modules, each assigned to a different research institute and covered by a separate final report:

  • Support Industrial Development: Overcoming Market Failure and Delivering Public Goods (Overseas Development Institute, United Kingdom)
  • Increasing Productivity and Fair Development: Challenges for the Development of SMEs (Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik, Germany)
  • Industrialization and Poverty Reduction: Pro-poor Industrialization Strategies Revised (Institute for Developing Countries and Soka University, Japan)
  • Technological Development in Low-Income Countries: Policy Options for Sustainable Growth (Bryan Mawr College and Clark University, United States of America)
  • Social Capital: Operationalization of the Concept (Institute for Social Studies, The Netherlands)

In maintaining independence, the evaluation was conducted on the basis of a participatory approach, collecting the opinions and assessments of all parties. The focus of the evaluation was twofold:

  • Academic quality of research results;
  • Outcome in terms of improved UNIDO practices.

In addition to the literature / desktop analysis of the project documents, their (planned and carried out) approach and the quality of final reports produced, the evaluation required questionnaire surveys of UNIDO field staff, staff of other organizations, stakeholders and academics as well as a series of interviews at UNIDO Headquarters in Vienna (about 25 interviews).

The evaluation report was structured according to the DAC criteria and required in-depth and interdisciplinary knowledge and experience in the evaluation of research, innovation and development projects with a focus on private sector development and poverty reduction.

Results: The study is available on the UNIDO website.


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Tags: evaluation

Type: Research

Submission Date: 11/2007

Project Status: Finished

Start/End: 12/2007 - 03/2008

Project Duration: 4 months

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