Techno-globalisation and Internationalisation Strategies

In several projects, ZSI researches and promotes internationalisation of research and innovation as well as techno-globalisation.

Techno-globalization denotes a global pervasion in generating technological knowledge and exploiting innovations with a technological content. It also claims that globalization that has been shaped and advanced with the help of technology. With regard to R&D and innovation, the term in its most modest form is shorthand for the fact that generation, transmission, and diffusion of technologies is increasingly international in scope. A fundamental typology of Archibugi and Michie (1995) differentiates between:

  1. global technology exploitation
  2. global technological cooperation
  3. global generation of technology

For more than 10 years, ZSI has actively contributed to researching such techno-globalization phenomena. Moreover, ZSI is engaged in conceptualising and designing strategies and instruments for governments and research systems, how to maximise the benefits of techno-globalisation, and how to minimise its negative sides. Among the clients for such advisory services are - among others -

  • the European Commission
  • ERAC (formerly CREST)
  • the Austrian government
  • the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development

Klaus Schuch (ZSI) has been scientific advisor for the CREST Working Group on Internationalisation, and a member of the External Expert Group to provide advice about the new RTI internationalisation strategy of the European Commission (published late 2012).

Ansprechperson: Mag. Dr. Klaus Schuch

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