INDIGO POLICY & INNO INDIGO: new projects for sustainable EU-India STI cooperation

5. Feb 2014

First news by follup up projects of NEW INDIGO

With a kick-off meeting in mid-December, the two new EU-India projects started their work supporting the cooperation in STI between the two world regions. INDIGO POLICY is mainly tasked with supporting the multi-actor STI policy dialogue: the Group of Senior Officials, with accompanying working groups and thematic groups. INNO INDIGO will implement calls for research proposals to network scientists from India with their colleagues in Europe. The two projects are successors of the S&T support project, New INDIGO, that run for 5 consecutive years, implemented 4 calls for research proposals, and ended last year.
The Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) is partner in INNO INDIGO and project coordinator for INDIGO POLICY, which is also a chance for Austria to gain visibility in India. The BMWFW supports both projects as observer, and the FWF is partner in INNO INDIGO.
Both projects are financially supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme involving the main European Member States and the most important institutional STI actors from India.

INDIGO POLICY:  Florian Gruber, ZSI,
INNO INDIGO:  Cosima Blasy, ZSI,

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