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Knowledge Sharing Platform on EU R&I Policy for Austria (and Europe)

ERA Portal Austria is a knowledge-sharing platform providing information on EU-related research policy and its implementation in Austria and in Europe. In this context, it supports decision-making by providing strategic intelligence. In addition, ERA Portal Austria serves as a promotion platform for Austrian initiatives in Europe. 

The following objectives are pursued with the ERA Portal Austria:

  • Offering a hub for information to interested publics, and especially for
    • Policy makers within Austrian federal ministries 
    • Consultants within Austria RTI-agencies, particularly National Contact Points and members of the Enterprise EUROPE Network
    • Strategic actors from science and business (such as rectors, heads of research services, top management, ...)
    • Policy makers in EU institutions, the EU-27, and states of the European Research Area (ERA)
  • Facilitating cross-border strategic cooperation between Austrian and European policy makers employing tailor-made digital communication
  • Supporting national opinion and strategy development processes by providing a web-based networking and consultation tool, enabling new modes of public engagement for RTI consultations
  • Supporting stakeholders in networking and self-organisation
  • Processing politically pertinent information to interconnect science, research, technology and innovation and illustrate their relevance for EU issues (e.g. Green New Deal)

Watch the ERA Portal Austria video:

ZSI is hosting this platform since its inception.


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