INDIGO POLICY releases "Fact sheet" on Europen and Indian Innovation landscapes

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The report on Europe and India Innovation landscapes: Policies, framework and programmes was developed by the EU-funded project Indigo Policy. Its main objective is to pool available information on innovation framework conditions in Europe and in India to provide policy input for the creation of a level-playing field. Building on the work by previous EU-India projects and support initiatives, in particular the India Gate project1 and using in-depth desk research, the authors prepared a two-part document detailing the innovation landscape in Europe and India, from policies, to framework, and programmes, including funding.The factsheets are meant be presented to the relevant policy makers: European Commission, Inno Indigo Platform for Funders, EU STI Platform in India, etc. They will also be made available to researchers and companies who are interested in innovation cooperation between Europe and India.

This report draws its analysis from a variety of sources. The research team first conducted a review of official sources, in particular European Commission communications, directives and reports and documents from the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology and other public Indian actors.

The publication is available online:

AutorInnen: de Oliveira, T., Aurélie Pachkoff-Singh (APRE) Contributors: Rama Swami Bansal (CSIR), Serena Borgna (APRE), Miriam de Angelis (APRE), Sweacha Garg (CSIR), Karolina Jurkiewicz (APRE), Kasturi Mandal (CSIR), Aurélie ...

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Tags: India, innovation systems analysis, research and innovation management, research and innovation policy

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Publikations Datum: 2017

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