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Supporting the advancement of policy cooperation between India and Europe in Research and Innovation

The main objective of this project was to enhance the European-Indian STI cooperation. Based on the success of the ERA-Net New INDIGO (2009-2013), INDIGO POLICY aimed to further advance the policy cooperation between India and Europe in Research and Innovation.
Bibliometric and project participation analysis highlighted that scientific cooperation between India and Europe increased significantly in recent years. STI policy stakeholders acknowledged this dynamic development by agreeing on an EU-India S&T Agreement, and added concrete value through co-drafting an EU/MS-India Strategic Agenda for Research and Innovation, which pinpointed specific thematic areas of common interest.
In this Strategic Agenda, a new organisational structure for the strategic STI dialogue between EC/MS and India was proposed, consisting of a Group of Senior Officials (GSO) assisted by a dedicated working group and further thematic/industry groups.
By building on mutual Europe-Indian interest, INDIGO POLICY was committed to support these STI dialogue structures through the provision of analytical evidence, oper-ational STI policy support, dedicated PR measures, and concrete pilot activities.

Europe and India are key global actors in research and innovation. With the European “Innovation Union” and the Indian “Decade of Innovation“, the strategies in Europe and India are converging for achieving the challenges of inclusive as well as sustainable and affordable innovation, building future competitiveness, economic growth, and finding solutions to growing societal challenges.
INDIGO POLICY was supported in India by the Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and in Europe by major stakeholders from the Strategic Forum for International Cooperation and other European countries.


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Tags: India, innovation systems analysis, international cooperation, internationalisation, research policy

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Von/Bis: 11/2013 - 04/2017

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