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Eingeschränkte Erreichbarkeit des Sekretariats wegen österr. Covid-19 Regelungen
Wir sind auch online erreichbar!

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Unser Office steht für eingeschränkten Journaldienst in der Zeit von 09:00 bis 13:00 zur Verfügung. Das ZSI ist gut online erreichbar. Sie finden die eMails aller ...

Limited accessibility of our office due to Covid-19 regulations in Austria
... but we are online accessible!

Dear Sir or Madam! Our office operates on stand-by duty from 09:00 to 13:00. ZSI is easily accessible online. You can find the emails of all of our employees on our homepage in the "About ZSI" / "Team...

Lessons (to be) learnt from living with Covid-19 (#3)

by Klaus Schuch Biosecurity issues such as pandemic virus outbreaks have been clearly underestimated in the past in comparison to other security issues. The crisis has shown that the interplay between...

Gastkommentar in der WIENER ZEITUNG: Corona-Stresstest am Balkan
Die Krise belastet auch die Nachbarschaftspolitik der EU - zugunsten Chinas

Philipp Brugner aus der Abteilung Forschungspolitik und Entwicklung kommentiert in der WIENER ZEITUNG das Krisenmanagement der Europäischen Union im Kampf gegen das neuartige Corona-Virus und argumentiert...

Lessons (to be) learnt from living with Covid-19 (#2)

The Covid-19-quarantine forces (almost) everyone who works in the office area, or - as we do - in the knowledge-generating and knowledge-processing industries, to work from home and to use teleconferencing...

23. Mär 2020
Social action counts!
Lessons (to be) learnt from living with Covid-19 (#1)

The Covid-19 crisis remarkably demonstrates that social action and cooperation counts to mitigate the risk of the virus. Worldwide, we are managing the containment of the virus by comprehensive social...

Comprehensive Review on a book by ilse Marschalek

In her publication, ilse Marschalek investigated the roles that 'Public Participation Practitioners' play in the attempt to transform the relationship between science and society though the adoption of...

„It is becoming increasingly important for people to develop the right skills..."

Update: We are very sorry to inform you that we have to postpone the upcoming conference "MAKING SOCIAL INNOVATORS" in Salzburg, Austria. Please subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on...

The final report of the project was presented on January 24 and is open for comments until April 19th, 2020.

In order to be able to support the development of digital humanities in Austria in the best possible way, it is important to describe the situation from the perspective of everyday research. For a study...

27. Feb 2020
Interreg Central Europe Project CERUSI started with a Kick-Off Meeting in Vienna

On February 20th and 21st ZSI organised a Kick-Off Meeting for the Interreg CE Project CERUSI. Nine project partners from various Central European countries (Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, ...

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