INNO INDIGO 2nd Joint Call on “Chronic non communicable diseases”

16. Apr 2015

The EU-India joint call supports again collaboration of experts in both world regions!

Within the framework of the INDIGO Partnership Programme (IPP), an EU-India joint call for proposals on « Diagnostics and interventions in Chronic non-communicable diseases » is now open!  The deadline for submission of proposals is 22 June 2015. Projects can have a maximum duration of 3 years and funding is around € 100.000 - € 200.000 per partner/country, depending on national regulations. According to the respective national regulations the following funding can be applied for: "Mobility, Workshops, Research costs, Personnel costs". Please refer to the Guidance for Applicants and National Regulations for detailed description of the funding instrument. You can download the respective national regulations for your country in the attachments section.

Who can apply?
Applications may be submitted by academics, higher education institutions and / or non-university research establishments. SMEs are also eligible depending on national regulations.
Consortia that wish to apply for funding of a research project within the above mentioned topics, have to consist of at least three partners: two from different European countries, and one from India.
Countries contributing to the Call are: India, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Norway and Portugal.
Partners from other countries than those participating in the IPP Call can join a consortium but have to secure their own funding.
Applicants are strongly advised to discuss their intentions and confirm eligibility with their respective IPP National Contact Points before submitting an application.

Application Process
The application procedure has one stage. Applications are submitted electronically using PT-Outline Web Tool, accessible through this link.
Online partner search tool
INNO INDIGO provides an online partnering tool to facilitate the search for potential partners in response to IPP calls. On this web tool, you will be able to publish your profile and project ideas and to consult other Indian and European experts’ profiles.

Further details & contact information is provided online:

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