INDIGO VALORIZATION PROGRAMME offers next online webinar on March 6! Join in!

The programme supports projects with Indian & European partners in scaling up their STI research: start on 21/02/2017!

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 6. März 2017

LATEST NEWS: The next online webinar takes place on March 6, from 11-12 CEST, and covers the topis of "social, frugal and inclusive innovation". Participation is very simple and of course free of charge! Registration link here:

The bilateral cooperation between the EU and India has gained momentum. The INDIGO project (including INDIGO POLICY and INNO INDIGO as well as successfully completed NEW INDIGO) also contributed to this enhancement by implementing several calls for proposals enabling growing networks of European and Indian researchers in the field of STI. The INDIGO VALORIZATION PROGRAMME now offers concrete steps in the how-to better exploit project results:

  • You want to learn more on upscalling possibilities of cooperative projects between India and the EU in the field of STI? Two of three steps, including the MOOC and the webinar series are open to the interested public!
  • You are part of an "INDIGO funded project" and you want to upscale your project results? You are highly welcomed to all three support activity steps of the INDIGO VALORIZATION PROGRAMME!



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What´s in it for you?

INDIGO VALORIZATION PROGRAMME supports projects for the definition of their roadmaps for scaling up their research results. Two of three steps are open to the general public. The third step is designed especially for INDIGO funded projects:

The programme consists of 3 complementary parts:

  1. MOOC: Online Training **open to public**

  2. WEBINAR: Mentoring Scheme  **open to public**

  3. WORKSHOP: Working on outcomes of MOOC and Webinars **open to INDIGO funded projects**



The online training will consist in the MOODLE SCALING UP METHODOLOGY presenting 4 key fundamental phases of the scaling up process:

  1. Create a Vision
  2. Assess Scalability
  3. Fill Information Gaps
  4. Prepare a Scaling Up Plan

General descriptions of the methodology and sompe practical tools will help to develop a scaling up plan of results/models or projects.


2. MENTORING via Webinars

Between 21st of February and 24th of March 2017, a series of 6 webinars will complement the aspects presented in the MOOC. Each webinar will last 60 minutes.

European and Indian research and innovation players will benefit from a comprehensive support action enabling them to define concrete roadmaps to scale up their project results.


3. WORKSHOP: complete first two steps

On 21st of April 2017, INNO INDIGO will organize a full 1 day workshop for a selection of INDIGO funded projects selected for the mentoring scheme.

The valorisation workshop will close the set of online training and mentoring activities. We expect the participants to have worked on their scaling up roadmaps between February and March 2017 (by using the MOOC/MOODLE and the mentoring support). The valorisation workshop will represent the final milestone of this process, when their individual roadmaps will be validated with peers and experts.

The workshop will consist of:

  • Pitching session, where the selected projects will present their results and scaling up plans to a set of experts
  • Feedback from experts and peers
  • 2 training sessions (for example business modelling and marketing)



For detailed information visit the VALORIZATION PROGRAMME page

Typ: Kooperative Veranstaltung (ZSI als Co-Organisator)

Veranstaltungsort: online

Kontakt: Ms. Chiara Davalli (Webinars) Ms. Begoña Benito (MOOC, Workshop)

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