Latin America & Caribbean

Latin America & Caribbean

Since 2007, ZSI endeavors to establish and foster linkages with research partners in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to include a Latin American perspective in the study and analysis of internationalisation of Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) . Meanwhile, ZSI has a noteworthy history of collaborating with partner institutions in the LAC region, and has sound competences in adding social science topics and methods to diverse cooperation initiatives and projects with LAC in the field of STI.

The importance of linking social science research communities of  Europe and Latin America - with the concrete objective to analyse and discuss the future of knowledge societies and STI policy needs - was addressed in the EULAKS project (funded under FP7) that was coordinated by ZSI between 2008 and 2010. The EULAKS project was an important step to position ZSI as a serious partner in EU-LAC cooperation initiatives.

As another big sphere of activity, ZSI is involved in the process of bringing forward the EU - LAC dialogue on Science and Technology (which was initiated in 1999 by the first EU-LAC Summit of Heads of State and Government in Rio de Janeiro). As a major outcome of this bi-regional political dialogue a 'Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation' was developed and implemented with the strong support of the Latin American & Caribbean INCO-Net Projects EULARINET and ALCUENET (both concluded), in which ZSI was a partner institution. The cooperation continued in the International Service Facility of the European Commission. ZSI's role in the projects was/is to support evidence-based policy making by providing analytical reports on trends, key players, and impacts of the bi-regional cooperation by implementing different qualitative research methods (case studies, bibliometric analyses, expert workshops, etc.). In the framework of these projects, ZSI has built enduring networks with research ministries, research institutions, and the wider STI community in LAC, as well as with political decision makers and stakeholders in the bi-regional (EU-LAC) policy dialogue on STI.

As regards bi-lateral cooperation with LAC countries, ZSI intensified networking strings with Mexico in the framework of the UEMEXCYT2 project (concluded) and with Brazil in the frame of the INCOBRA project (running until 2019). In the project NMP-DeLA ZSI combined its knowhow on nanotechnologies for societal challenegs with the regional expertise.

The EULAC Focus project (2016-2019) continued with an analytical focus on the social, cultural and scientific dimensions of the EU-CELAC cooperation.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for enquiries about our competences and networks in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Contact person: Magª. Martina Lindorfer

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