Giving more focus to EU relations with Latin America and the Caribbean

8. Sep. 2016

Two regions in the search of the right questions and their answers

The 2nd EULAC-FOCUS partner event took place in Berlin, from 28th to 31st August 2016. Close to 50 invited guests and 30 project partners and transectorial board members took part in the meeting where the focus of the project's research activities on scientific, cultural and social relations between EU and the Community of Latin American and the Caribbean States (CELAC) was further sharpened. The meeting was accompanies by a public event that took place at IAI's beautiful oratory building where Barbara Göbel (IAI), Paola Amadei (EULAC Foundation), Hebe Vessuri (UNAM),  Rigas Arvanitis (IRD) and Ramon Torrent (University of Barcelona), presented their views on the current state of scientific collaboration between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean Mobility and the geopolitics of knowledge. A interview with Barbara Göbel, director of the Ibero-American Institute, on the current state of EU-CELAC relations can be found on the website under:

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