Revisiting bi-regional relations: the EU-Latin American dialogue and diversification of interregional cooperation

Section: Work and Equal Opportunities


This collective book presents the papers submitted to discussion at the panel “The Euro-Latin American dialogue and diversification of interregional cooperation” during the 9th Congress of CEISAL that took place in Bucharest in July 2019. The focus of this panel was on discussion of the evolution, state-of-the art and paradigmatic changes in EU-Latin American (and, to some extent, Caribbean) relations, and the identification of pathways for strengthening these collaboration efforts in the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. The contributions approach these topics of EU-Latin American dialogue and cooperation from different perspectives, including the overarching bi-regional, multilateral framework, traditional bi-lateral cooperation, as well as alternative, sub-regional or even local (city-driven) networks.

Many current bi-regional processes are analysed and reflected throughout the book. For instance, the role of the social dimension in EU-Latin American and Caribbean cooperation and dialogue; general perspectives of EU-LAC cooperation and its evolution during a period of 30 years; the two Scandinavian countries, Sweden, an EU member state, and Norway, a member of the European Free Trade Area (EFTA), and their respective approaches to cooperation with Latin America; the contribution of the EUROsociAL and Socieux programmes as examples of EU-initiated development cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean countries; the role of subnational units in interregional cooperation; and some perspectives on Euro-Latin American dialogue and international cooperation about the necessary changes to jointly achieve the SDGs.

General EU-LAC Relations
Bi-regional Relations


Authors: Haider, W., Lindorfer, M., Author(s): ANSION Juan CLEMENTE Isabel FERNÁNDEZ Silvia GRUBER Nicol HAIDER Wolfgang LINDORFER Martina MARICHAL Pablo TAYAR Violetta VARGAS Silvana


Category: Buchbeiträge

Publication Date: 2020

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