Revisiting EU-Latin American and Caribbean relations

6. Jul. 2020

The EULAC Focus project hast produced a collective volume on EU-LAC relations.

As part of the EULAC-Focus project, ZSI coordinated and conducted research on EU-LAC relations with a specific focus on their social dimension, their historic genesis, current state and future perspectives. The results of this research were presented on various scientific conferences, as for example the 9th Congress of CEISAL that took place in Bucharest in July 2019. At the panel “The Euro-Latin American dialogue and diversification of interregional cooperation” ZSI researcher and project manager Wolfgang Haider discussed findings of the project with the scientific community and collected valuable inputs from other scholars focusing on international cooperation between the EU and LAC.

The contributions and discussions at the CEISAL have now been brought together and publicised in cooperation with the EULAC-Foundation, providing the interested public and the scientific community with a collective volume approaching EU-LAC relations from different angles. The publication includes articles on the overarching bi-regional, multilateral framework, traditional bi-lateral cooperation, as well as alternative, sub-regional or even local (city-driven) networks. You can access the publication via the EULAC Foundation online repository here.


Haider, Wolfgang; Clemente Batalla, Isabelle (eds.) (2020): Revisiting bi-regional relations: the EU-Latin American dialogue and diversification of interregional cooperation. Hamburg: EULAC Foundation.

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Tags: development cooperation, international cooperation, Latin America, SDGs