EULAC-FOCUS: The Venezuelan crisis

21. Mar. 2019

Challenges and solutions for the integration of researchers - Web conference of the EULAC FOCUS project

The EULAC FOCUS project takes up the recent events in Venezuela and links them to the research insights that have been produced by the project. In a "Hot-topic web-conference"  three speakers will approach the topic from different angles and discuss possible ways out of the crisis fromt he perspective of migration.

Due to multiple political and humanitarian crises around the world, the topic of migration and flight has been on the global agenda for several years. These massive migratory movements of people fleeing war, poverty or, as in the case of Venezuela, political and economic instability are undoubtedly a global challenge for which the solution must be found multilaterally.

The social, economic and political crisis in Venezuela has caused a wave of migration of unprecedented proportions in the history of this country, which exceeds 2.3 million since 2014. The neighboring countries, as well as all the other Latin American countries, seem to differ in their coping strategies and capacities in face of the large number of Venezuelan immigrants. With a million Venezuelan immigrants, Colombia is the main recipient country. However, the large migratory flows are also directed to Ecuador, Peru and Chile. Several Latin American countries are promoting a dialogue to move towards a coordinated response to the migration crisis, which has not yet been achieved.

Date: 28 March 2019, 4 PM (Brussels/Vienna time)

To join the conference please use this link:

Please note that the conference will be held in Spanish language.


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