Workshop on "Foresight Cooperation between Europe and Latin America" in Mexico City

21. Oct. 2008

Within the framework of the EULAKS-Project („connecting Research on the Knowledge Society in the EU and Latin America“), which is coordinated by the ZSI, a workshop on “Foresight Cooperation between Europe and Latin America” will be held on October 22-23, 2008 on the FLACSO Campus in Mexico City.

The Workshop will be organised by the renowned Latin American Faculty for Social Sciences (FLACSO) in cooperation with the ZSI and the Mexican „Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana“ (UAM), whereat FLACSO and ZSI already have a record on fruitful close collaboration.

The Workshop, which brings together Foresight experts from both regions, can be understood as a first support action for the creation of a bi-regional network for the promotion of EU-LAC cooperation in Foresight.

Idea of the Workshop is to analyse international strategies on Foresight Technologies and to design future scenarios for science, technology and innovation policies in the knowledge society, as discussing and evaluating past Foresight experiences and best practices.

Keynote speakers of the Workshop will be Rafael Popper (PREST, UK), Javier Medina (Universidad del Valle, Colombia), Mónica Casalet (FLACSO, Mexico) und Yuli Villarroel (4-Sight-Group, Venezuela) who will discuss on two main thematic blocks: “Research funding and exchange of knowledge in Foresight in Europe and Latin America” and “Creation of Foresight capacities and policy planning in Latin America”.

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Tags: foresight, international cooperation, Mexico