Katharina Koller, BSc BA MSc

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Katharina Koller is a social scientist with a background in Psychology (BSc and MSc) as well as Political Science (BA). Currently, she is also enrolled as a doctoral student at the University of Vienna working on game-based approaches to understanding and promoting public engagement with climate change in the context of the ZSI project GREAT (funded by Horizon Europe). 

Katharina’s main research interests lie in environmental social science and climate change engagement, social inclusion, and methodology and statistics. Since joining ZSI at the department of “Work and Equal Opportunities” in July 2021, she has additionally been working on social innovation in academia, impact evaluation, and OPEN RRI using quantitative, qualitative, and participatory methods. 

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Ausbildung und beruflicher Werdegang:

2021 - today: Researcher at Centre for Social Innovation

2020 - 2021: Research Assistant at the University of Amsterdam

2020 - 2021: Research Intern at the department of Social Psychology at the University of Amsterdam

2019 - 2021: Events Team member at the Student Initiative for Open Science

2019 - 2021: MSc Research Master's Psychology at the University of Amsterdam

2019 - 2021: Self-employed Academic Consultant

2017 - 2019: Research Assistant at Institut für Jugendkulturforschung

2015 - 2019: BA Political Science at the University of Vienna

2015 - 2017: Research Assistant for qualitative and quantitative methods at Sigmund Freud University

2014 - 2017: BSc Psychology at Sigmund Freud University Vienna