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Climatubers - Influencers for Change

Participatory Video and Digital Storytelling against climate-driven inequalities

The Climatubers project intends to work with participatory videos (PV) to foster social inclusion through storytelling while providing the participants with digital skills. PV is an existing tool that has been successfully used in development projects for engaging marginalised groups. Moreover, it was used in the EYES Erasmus+ project, in the Spanish pilot, as a digital and motivating tool to engage youth in energy planning.

Therefore, the Climatubers’ project will be built in this idea, nevertheless, through the implementation of the foreseen 5 pilots, one per partner country (Spain, Italy, Austria, France, and Estonia) it will develop and structure the PV approach in a way to deploy its full potential as a social inclusion pedagogical approach. The pilots will focus on attracting both digitally excluded groups, such as elder people, and other vulnerable individuals, such as young migrants and other young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. All of them from climate-vulnerable areas or contexts.

Using PV will promote inclusive learning and will empower communities by encouraging them to develop and share a common narrative, previously helping them to identify their own barriers and difficulties due to climate change consequences. For this process, the categories and questions used in the French initiative “L’Affaire du Siècle” will be incorporated in the methodology.

One of the project’s main objectives is to disseminate and scale up the defined good practices on inclusive learning initiated at local level.


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