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Lost Millennials

Lost Millennials - Transnational research network for the evaluation of initiatives targeting 25+ NEETs

Establishment of a Transnational research network for the evaluation of initiatives targeting 25+ NEETs

The project “Lost Millennials” will focus on a regularly neglected group of the generation of Millennials: young people aged 25-29 neither in employment or education and training (25+NEETs), within the call's Support area 3 – Analysis and research. This generation started their working life shortly after the economic crisis of 2008, perceiving uncertainty and lack ofsecurity for work and well-being, they are more likely to be inactive or in precarious jobs.The main objective of the project is to contribute to the successful integration of 25+ NEETs to the labour market through increasing knowledge on the effects of employment initiativeson 25+ NEETs, building capacity of stakeholders to perform impact studies and thus improving the quality of labour market interventions. This objective will be achieved through thecreation of the transnational research network which will share know-how and good practices, the evaluations of governmental and community-based initiatives targeting 25+ NEETs,as well as the engagement of stakeholders to increase the policy-relevance of project results. The primary target group is researchers, experts and other stakeholders, while endbeneficiaries are 25+ NEETs with a focus on disadvantaged groups.The outputs of this project are research reports, capacity-building and know-how exchange events, and engagement of policy-makers contributing to all five outcomes of support areas, through the key principles of realistic planning, strong cooperation, diversity as an asset, flexibility, consistency as well as a transnational approach. The transnational added value ofthe project lies in the composition and size of the consortium and continuous cooperation to produce results with transnational relevance considering the potential of scalability. All outputs will be available for other entities to use and a strategy will be developed for maintaining the research network after the project duration, ensuring the sustainability of the project.

ZSI will lead WP4 providing a comparative analysis of national policies and measures addressing 25+ NEETs. The analysis will allow a transnational view of governmentalstrategies, reflecting on the association between the policies and the changing situation of 25+ NEETs. It will place particular focus on how national address specific groups of 25+ NEETs across beneficiary countries, including those living in rural areas, women, disadvantaged youth – providing an intersectional perspective to the overall analysis. The analysis will also focus on the effects of the Covid19-Pandemic on the target group.

ZSI in this context will provide methodological input on the asessment of labour market strategies and programms. It will also be involved in activities focusing on know-how exchange and capacity-building, mapping of initatives and evaluation practices concering NEETS25+ as well as participative policy formats.


Lead partner

HÉTFA Research Institute (HU)

Beneficiary partners

•Center for the Study of Democracy (BG)

•IREAS, Institute for Structural Policy (CZ)

•Institute for Entrepreneurship Development (EL)

•Universidad de Burgos (ES)

•Binda Consulting International Ltd. (MT)


•Sapientia University (RO)

•Slovak Business Agency (SK)

Expertise partners

•ZentrumfürSocialeInnovation (AT)

•Demos Helsinki (FI)

•NordUniversity (NO)

•BifröstUniversity (IS)


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Tags: equal opportunities, evaluation

Typ: Forschung

Programm: EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment

Projekt Status: Abgeschlossen

Von/Bis: 11/2021 - 01/2024

Laufzeit: 27 Monate

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