Mini Data Sprints for data validity and climate conversations

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The GREAT (Games Realising Effective and Affective Transformation) project explores new approaches that foster climate change discussion and stimulate citizen reflection. However, some citizens have limited resources for participation, even though their engagement and contributions are crucial. To address this challenge, the authors present two studies that have deployed mini data sprints (MDS). The MDS approach uses interactive data applications and visualisations to provoke citizens’ feelings, knowledge, and perspectives towards the climate conversation and presented data. These studies highlight how the MDS approach can provide data set recommendations, facilitate efficient and focused climate conversation, and improve the data literacy of the cohort.

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Watson, P., Koller, K., Iwendi, C., Fabian, C., Hollins, P., & Kieslinger, B. (2024). Exploring the concept of Mini Data Sprints as a methodology to assess data validity and stimulate climate conversation. IEEE CTSoc International Conference on Gaming, Entertainment & Media (GEM), Turin, Italy.

AutorInnen: Fabian, C., Kieslinger, B., Koller, K.

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Publikations Datum: 2024

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