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Health Labs4Value

The project aims to support the efficient transfer of new co-created technologies and innovations in health care and shift towards value/patient-based health care system.

The aging population with an increase of chronic diseases is causing an excessive load on health care systems in CE. The health care systems cannot be blown up endlessly to meet growing needs/demand. The ass. challenge is alarming data on inappropriate care, limited and wasted resources as described in the OECD report on “Wasteful Spending in Health” (2017) and the Expert panel organized by the EC on 26th June 2019. 6 Knowledge PPs and 5 Health care organizations supported by National Health Policy bodies from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia come together to deliver a solution. Other stakeholders along the health care value chain (suppliers of new solutions: SMEs and start-ups and patients/end-users) will be engaged and benefit from the project. To deliver the change, a common understanding of all health ecosystem actors and a joint approach is necessary. The solution is consisting of the efficient transfer of newly co-created and value/patient-oriented technologies and innovative solutions into health care organizations as it is successfully implemented in the USA, Netherland, Northern Europe, and the UK.

As a vehicle of efficient uptake, the Living Lab will be established by 5 healthcare ecosystems contributing to RIS3 goals in the territory. The baseline for change is two jointly developed materials: Living Lab Methodology and Value-based System and mostly 5 new technical solutions that will be developed thanks to the Pilot experience in every piloting territory. The advanced tools of OI 2.0 will be used within the development process. The adopted knowledge and practical experience will boost the mutual and beneficial cooperation of all the above-mentioned health ecosystem actors along the value chain. To sustain, the 5 territorial Living Labs will jointly create a Trans. Network to share the knowledge and set up a long-term coop. beyond the project. The project knowledge and principles (living labs and value/patient-based health care) will be anchored in joint Transnational Strategy and territorial Action plans.


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Von/Bis: 03/2023 - 02/2026

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