TritonLife Clinics Plc. (Hungary)

TritonLife Group is a standout leader in the transitioning Hungarian private healthcare sector.

TritonLife Group is the fastest growing, and the leading player in the transitioning Hungarian private healthcare sector, with a very strong focus on satisfying patients, while keeping medical staff happy and motivated. Their ultimate goal is to build a fully integrated, country-wide in-, and outpatient care system of at least 12 private hospitals and OP clinics, covering Budapest and the major subregions. TrionLife team’s primary objective is to achieve fast growth by combining carefully-planned and executed M&A strategy, organic growth of existing businesses, and new investments in the regions. TrionLife is aiming to contribute to maturing and developing the Hungarian private healthcare market, ultimately keeping our clients healthy, or restoring the health of those who trust them, and turning to them for help, while keeping professionals in the country, and/or bringing them home by offering attractive working environment and conditions. Beyond all the above, it is important for TrionLife to maximize the efficiency and profitability of our member companies, building on synergies provided by the scale of the group. TrionLife has more than 200’000+ medical interventions, and more than 1500 babies born in their system in a year, combined with the already 10 bn HUF annual revenues, give them the trust that we can achieve our goals.