Central Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz (Poland)

The Central Teaching Hospital provides a base for teaching and research activities, together with the provision of health services.

Central Teaching Hospital of the Medical University of Lodz (CSK UM) is one of the largest multi-profile medical centre and hospital in Poland with over 1200 beds, 16 clinical departments 2500 experienced specialists representing 23 medical specializations, including 100 professors and doctors of medicine. The CSK UM includes over a dozen different clinical departments, institutes, and laboratories. Specialized and multi-profile departments collaborate closely in the process of diagnosis and treatment of patients, thereby providing comprehensive care in different therapeutic areas. The CSK UMis a fully digital hospital using a system generating electronic documents during all treatment processes, research, and education. Its priorities are: professionalism and high quality of services. CSK UM physicians’ constantly strive to improve their professional skills. The CSK Umed provides rapidly developing international cooperation. Each year, the CSK UM implements new research and clinical projects funded with public national, and European grants as well as private grants and clinical trials. The CSK UM has an experience in R&D and clinical project management administration and projects managers provided by the Clinical Trials Unit of the Medical University of Lodz.