East Asia

East Asia

ZSI has started to build up competencies in the region of East Asia, being involved in projects dealing with Japan and Korea and selected partnerships in China.


In JEUPISTE, the Japan-EU Partnership in Innovation, Science, and Technology, our main activities have been bibliometric analyses of EU-Japan academic co-publications. We were involved in promotion activities for innovation partnership building, and provided input on the aspects of social innovation.


In the project KORANET, which was an European-Korean ERA.NET with Korea, we organised an interactive foresight process to develop a Joint Action Plan based on a Policy Paper for further development of European-Korean STI-cooperation relations. We used a diverse set of methods involving a crucial number of relevant key stakeholders from Korea and Europe to develop strategies necessary to overcome challenges that hamper stronger cooperation. The outcome was the KORANET Policy Paper and Joint Action Plan providing policy recommendations and suggesting related joint actions to National STI Policy Stakeholders in Korea and European countries, the European Commission, the scientific community, and the private sector. Furthermore, we have been actively involved in implementing two multilateral joint calls for research projects, and we are responsible for their monitoring.

Ansprechperson: DI Dietmar Lampert


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