Methoden & Kenntnisse

The Centre for Social Innovation conducts bibliometric analyses of international academic co-publications. This work relates to and builds upon ZSI’s research activities in the area of the internationalisation of science, technology, and innovation.
ZSI übernimmt in vielen Fällen eine führende und koordinierende Rolle - sowohl im Bereich der Netzwerkkoordination als auch in den wissenschaftlichen Projekten. Wir koordinieren erfolgreich Projekte mit bis zu 30 Projektpartnern (und Netzwerken weit darüber hinaus) und mehreren Millionen Euro Budgets.
ZSI offers web-based interactive data visualisations for visual analytics and user-centred data exploration.
Summary of Strategies at ZSI
Event Management
Foresight / Forward-Looking Activities
Indicator Development
Innovation Management
Intercultural & Transdisciplinary Cooperation
Policy Analysis & Peer Review
Social Network Analysis
Training & Learning Methods


Climate Change and Energy
Demographic change & Active Ageing
Educational Research and Lifelong Learning
Information and Communication Technologies
Knowledge and Technology Transfer
Labour Market and Employment Policy
Migration & Integration
Analysing and developing research and innovation (R&I) policies are core activities at ZSI.
Regional development is a comprehensive term.
The Centre for Social Innovation is involved in the development of tools, their implementation and policy dialogues on RRI.
Scientific comprehension and definition of social innovation
Social inclusion and equal opportunities are a necessity to build a more fair and just society. Social innovations may assist in achieving this goal. Social inclusion and equal opportunities, hence, belong to the thematic core competencies of ZSI.
Social innovations are novel or more effective practices that prove capable to tackle societal issues and are adopted and successfully utilised by individuals, groups and organisations concerned.
ZSI research and coordination projects often address societal challenges: environmental issues, sustainability, energy efficiency, climate change, active ageing and demography, etc.
In several projects, ZSI researches and promotes internationalisation of research and innovation as well as techno-globalisation.
Technology Enhanced Learning


Internationale F&E Kooperation mit Nordamerika
Central Asia
East Asia
The Eastern Partnership Countries are important neighbours for the EU in general and Austria in particular. ZSI works in the region of Eastern Europe since many years. Our particular focus there is on strategically strengthening the development of international research and technology cooperation and to contribute to the modernisation of national and supra-national research and innovation systems.
Latin America & Caribbean
Republic of India (Bharat Ganrajya)
Russian Federation
The Centre for Social Innovation is supporting research policy-related activities connecting Southeast Asia and Europe since 2008. It provides analyses on innovation systems and cooperation, and results of policy-level and research funding stakeholders.
The Western Balkans are a region very much in focus of ZSI's work - extending to the whole Central and South Eastern Europe (and EU-13)