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ReConnect China

Generating independent knowledge for a resilient future with China for Europe and its citizens

ReConnect China aims to answer the question in which domains the collaboration of the EU with China is desirable, possible or impossible.

Project Abstract: In the modern geopolitical world, the EU and China stand in a constant dynamic relation with each other. The question in which domains EU collaboration with China is desirable, possible, or impossible is therefore the central focus of ReConnect China. To answer this question, this project identifies Science & Technology, Economy & Trade, Domestic Governance, and Foreign Policy as four key fields on which the EU should upgrade its independent knowledge. To that aim, it will develop a database which will provide access to new sources of information. The independent knowledge generated in this project will bring together stakeholders and experts in a Europe-China Knowledge Forum and raise awareness on China among the general public and youth. In this way, leading scientific European expertise and innovative digital technologies are mobilized to generate a deeper, sustainable understanding of contemporary China, and work towards a resilient future with China for the EU and its citizens.

The project consortium brings together 15 partners from across Europe: Six universities (University of Ghent, University of Tartu, University of Turku, University of Groningen, University of Vienna and University of Olomouc), six think tanks (Egmont Institute, Clingendael Institute, Istituto Affari Internazionali, French Institute of International Relations, Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Elcano Royal Institute), one research institute (ZSI), one state agency (Innovation Norway) and one public institute under governmental administration (Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre). ReConnect China is coordinated by the University of Ghent, Belgium.

ReConnect China has the following six objectives:

  1. Providing an independent understanding of China and its overall defining social, cultural, political and economic characteristics
  2. Identifying the EU’s own needs and strengths within new global narratives on China
  3. Developing a database of online public sources which enables day-to-day insights into policies, narratives, and public discourses in China
  4. Mainstreaming knowledge on China within the EU and creating new connections and synergies between intra-European China knowledge nodes
  5. Improving the European capacity to bring forward coherent and fact-based policy-making
  6. Enhancing the visibility of our independent expertise and making it available to external actors


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Tags: China, international cooperation, research and innovation policy

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Typ: Forschung

Programm: Horizon Europe-CL2-2021-TRANSFORMATIONS

Einreichdatum: 10/2021

Projekt Status: In Durchführung

Von/Bis: 11/2022 - 10/2026

Laufzeit: 48 Monate

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