Discussing the next four years of China research

1. Dez 2022

The interdisciplinary EU consortium ReConnect China met in Ghent to start its joint project

ReConnect China is funded under Horizon Europe and coordinated by Ghent University in Belgium. It aims to answer the question in which domains collaboration of the EU with China is desirable, possible or impossible. Against this backdrop, the following fields have been chosen for analysis: Science & Technology, Economy & Trade, Domestic Governance, and Foreign Policy.

Moreover, a database which will provide access to new sources of information will be developed and experts on China will be gathered under a new European umbrella forum called "Europe-China Knowledge Forum". ZSI's expertise to the consortium connects impact management with research on science and technology cooperation between EU and China and China's economic diplomacy.

From November 24-25 the team of 15 partners met in Ghent to start in its research agenda and to further define the work to be carried over the next four years. According to the words of Gaia Airulo, a European Commission policy officer for science, technology and innovation cooperation with China, "the project has only increased in importance since the launch of this call given the most recent developments in China and between China and the EU". For this reason and in order to create synergies where possible, ReConnect China is supposed to cooperate closely with its sister project DWARC funded under the same call. With February 27, 2023 in Brussels, a first meeting between ReConnect China and DWARC has already been set.

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