The European research cluster on China met in Brussels

3. Mär 2023

ReConnect China and DWARC delivering results to the EC

On February 27, the two Horizon Europe projects dealing with China, ReConnect China and DWARC, met in Brussels for the 1st China cluster meeting. This format, which brings together Europe's leading research institutions dealing with China, was initiated by the European Commission as a response to the incrasing need for more research harmonisation and joint agenda setting across Europe's fragmented research (and policy advice) landscape on China.

With ReConnect China (with ZSI) and DWARC the EC now has two recently started project at hand, which may help to steer this process in the near and more distant future (ReConnect China runs until 2026 and DWARC until 2025).

In this vein, the 1st China cluster meeting provided an informal setting to explore and already concretise answers to the following questions:

  • In which fields of research and the drafting of policy recommendations can ReConnect China and DWARC cooperate most effectively in the next three years?
  • How to support the two projects in developing a shared public recognition as the EU's research cluster on China?
  • How to draw those China experts (individuals and institutions) closer to the work of the China cluster who are not members of the two projects?

The meeting took place in a hybrid format, allowing for even more consortium members from both projects to take part in the discussions, which were led by two representatives from the EC/DG Research.

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