Online Meeting: European Network for Academic and Scientific Exchange with China (ENASEC)

Discussing research cooperation with China

Bereich: Forschungspolitik & Entwicklung

Datum: 10. November 2023

Invitation to join our Online Meeting: European Network for Academic and Scientific Exchange with China (ENASEC)

Friday, 10. November 2023, 10-12:30h


Dr. Hyunji Park, Jülich Research Center & René Seyfarth, RWTH Aachen University: Introduction to ENTRANCE and ENASEC.

Philipp Brugner, ZSI and ReConnect China (Horizon Europe), Vienna: EU-China STI Cooperation in digital technologies.

Nicolas Lunz, RWTH Aachen: Report from the German-Dutch exchange at government level on Research Security. Learnings from the Dutch Approach.

Open discussion on the concrete need for action at European universities.


Zoom Meeting

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About ENASEC: The European Network for Academic and Scientific Exchange with China (ENASEC) is a sub-project of ENTRANCE (Expertise & Transfer Network on China & Europe). It is intended to serve the regular exchange between German and European universities and research institutions on cooperations with China. The experiences, strategies and framework conditions for cooperations with China, which differ from country to country, represent a special enrichment, which can also give impulses for the own practice. Potentially, however, the project will also address much more concrete questions, such as the extent to which heterogeneous China strategies can also influence intra-European cooperation and what possibilities exist to use the common weight as a bargaining chip vis-à-vis Chinese partners. The experience gained in shaping relations with China is potentially transferable to the management of academic and scientific collaborations with countries that come with specific legal, ethical, or political challenges.

In the coming years, online events on the topic will be offered at least twice a year, as well as a two-day on-site event in Aachen in 2024 or 2025. Although there will always be input, we see ENASEC primarily as a platform for exchange and discussion. The Chatham House Rules apply; no recordings or transcripts will be made by the organizers.

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Organisator: RWTH Aachen/ENTRANCE project

Veranstaltungsort: online


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