INNO INDIGO Innovation Workshop

4. Dez 2015

A practical approach towards writing a call text for inclusion of SMEs in India-EU joint STI projects

INNO INDIGO aims at increasing the involvement of businesses as well as clusters and networks  of excellence in the transnational Indo-European Joint Calls for Proposals for research projects.
In view of achieving this objective, INNO INDIGO partners developed an Innovation Roadmap that builds on analytical work performed on SMEs and Industries, Clusters & Regions in EU & India. A next step aims to validate the key recommendations with a view to setting up an INNO INDIGO India-EU joint call that would enhance the collaboration between science and industry. 

For this purpose, INNO INDIGO organizes a workshop for selected participants from clusters, SMEs, regions,  funding agencies and researchers to work together and validate, comment and work on the INNO INDIGO India-EU joint call structure to improve it  and further enhance the collaboration between  science and industry.

The  expected  outcome  of  this  pragmatic  approach  is  a  call  strategy  and  a  call  text  that  reflects the needs of the above mentioned stakeholders best

The main objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Validate key recommendations of all aspects of INNO INDIGO innovation roadmap study report and introduce Inno Indigo Partnership Programme (IPP)
  • Give the opportunity to Researchers, Regions, SMEs and Clusters to contribute directly to the designing of the call strategy and the drafting of the call text 
  • Explore opportunities for collaboration in EU-India transnational calls

The results of the workshop will be presented at the 21st Technology Summit & Expo 2015, Co-organized by CII and Department of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The selected SMEs and Clusters will also be given the possibility to participate in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Cluster-to-Cluster (C2C) meeting during the Confederation of Indian Industry’s 21st Technology Summit & Expo (17-18 December).

Find more information about the workshop and the 21st Technology Summit & Expo 2015 at

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