Reports from the national researchers collecting data for the Jump@School pilot

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This report summarises the researchers’ reports from each of the intervention site. The researchers’ reports were intended to be completed by the local researchers, who were the connecting link between Jump@Operators, responsible for implementing the Jump@School intervention, and the evaluation team. Each researcher was requested to fill out a short survey, the ‘experiment monitoring template’ every month of the intervention for each school.

As the intervention in Spain was run in two cohorts, there are reports from the researchers from both intervention periods. In the first round of intervention, reports from the researcher are available per school whereas for the second round of implementation, the incidents for each school are compiled to give a country report.

This was a monitoring tool that aimed at providing a short overview of whether the whole experiment was running smoothly in all schools and countries or whether any problems were encountered which might harm the effectiveness of the Jump@School intervention and which should therefore be reflected upon when interpreting the statistical results or which should be solved immediately. This tool asked for the following information from the researchers:

  1. Current state of implementation
  2. Challenges or concerns and concerns encountered during the implementation
  3. Solutions found to overcome these challenges
  4. Other comments

AutorInnen: Tschank, J., Written by: Fabiana Barca and Roberta Manca (Italian researchers) Sara Gabarda and María Escriche (Spanish researchers) Edited by: Juliet Tschank, M.A.


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Publikations Datum: 2017

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