Juliet Tschank, M.A.

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Funktionen am ZSI: Project manager


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Büsel, K., Degelsegger, A., Dietmar, L., Simon, J., Tschank, J. And Wagner, I. (2013), Assessing International Cooperation in S&T through Bibliometric Methods, ISIS 2013,, pg. 175-184.

Kosa, E., & Tschank, J. (2024). Evaluation of an intervention addressing the employability challenges of hidden vulnerable groups in Malta. Prognostické PráCe, 15(2).

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Juliet Tschank currently works as a researcher  and project manager in the department of “Work and Equal Opportunities” at the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in Vienna. She has been engaged at ZSI since 2012 as a research associate working on both national and international projects. Her research foci include adult education, migration and integration, labour market research, social inclusion and communication. She is proficient in quantitative and qualitative research methods and has experience with organising and conducting workshops. She holds a Master’s degree in International Politics – International Relations pathway from the University of Manchester as well as a Bachelor degree in Journalism and Sociology from the University of Salford in England.

Juliet Tschank was born and raised up in Kenya, and as such she is not only adept in the Swahili language but is also very knowledgeable of the social, political and cultural situation particularly in Kenya and also its neighbouring countries in the East African region. She has some experience with development projects in the region after completing an internship with the Africa team of the “Dreikönigsaktion” in 2011 in Vienna covering the monitoring and evaluation of projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, South Africa, Ghana and Egypt.