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deVEloping scientific Research with ethIcs and inTegritY

The VERITY protocol has open science and stakeholder participation at its core considering society's needs regarding science, research and innovation.

VERITY (deVEloping scientific Research with ethIcs and inTegritY) is an ambitious project aimed at strengthening public trust in science and promoting science-society collaboration within the European Union (EU). Through rigorous research and strategic initiatives, VERITY seeks to address the challenges and opportunities associated with the dynamic relationship between science and society.

At its core, VERITY recognizes the critical importance of public trust in science. Trust is the foundation upon which scientific progress and societal well-being are built. By understanding the factors that influence public trust, VERITY aims to develop evidence-based strategies to enhance trust and engagement between scientists, policymakers, and citizens.

Scientific advancements are not enough if they are not accompanied by sufficient consideration of societal perceptions and trust in science. To support this need, the VERITY project seeks to rebuild the relationship between science and society. VERITY overall approach is guided by three questions: (1) what people trust, (2) whom people trust and (3) how trust is built. VERITY focuses on re-defining the eco-system of trust and stewards of trust and connecting them with effective methods of enhancing trust in science through the five 'machines' of trust, namely research ethics, research integrity, science communication, technology assessment and benefit sharing. The end goal of the project is not only to build trust in scientific institutions, but also to encourage the alignment of scientific research with the public’s needs, expectations, and values.

One key aspect of VERITY is the promotion of science-society co-creation. This concept emphasizes the active involvement of citizens in shaping and participating in scientific research and decision-making processes. By fostering collaboration and inclusivity, VERITY strives to bridge the gap between scientific expertise and societal needs, ensuring that research outcomes are more relevant, reliable, and impactful.

To achieve its objectives, VERITY will conduct comprehensive studies to explore the drivers and barriers of public trust in science. Through rigorous data analysis and engagement with stakeholders, the project will generate insights and recommendations for policymakers, scientists, and communicators on effective strategies to enhance trust and foster meaningful dialogue with the public.

Additionally, VERITY will develop policy briefs and communication materials, offering evidence-based guidance on key topics such as enhancing public trust, supporting science-society co-creation, promoting responsible research and innovation, and improving science communication and public engagement.

By empowering policymakers and stakeholders with actionable knowledge, VERITY aims to create an enabling environment where science is trusted, valued, and effectively integrated into policymaking and societal decision-making processes. Ultimately, the project seeks to strengthen the relationship between science and society, ensuring that scientific advancements benefit all EU citizens and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous future.

The project is coordinated by Trilateral and Trilateral UK (affiliated entity) - TRI. The Centre for Social Innovation - ZSI is leading work package 3 "Investigating and evaluating strategies, tools, and methods to guide trust".




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