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Democracy at Work through Transparent and Inclusive Algorithmic Management

As AI and algorithmic decision-making are increasingly widespread in companies, INCODING explores the impact of these practices on workers’ voice, influence and working conditions

Growing datafication of work environments through dthe deployment of Big Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced systems are disrupting the industrial relations scene in many ways. These technologies increase the possibilities of collecting, combining and using data on production processes, workplaces and workers. However, the use of these technologies very often lacks transparency and is semiautonomous, thus jeopardising traditional forms of collective employee involvement, transparency or even data protection regulations.
The spread of AI and the adoption of Algorithmic Management (AM) entail the digitalisation and automation of an increasing number of processes and decisions, ranging from work organisation, recruitment and dismissal to evaluation and performance appraisal, among others. However, there is still very little empirical evidence on how AI is impacting workplaces and labour markets across sectors and countries, thus hindering the development of a consistent framework for governing Algorithmic Management .
The aim of the INCODING project is to analyse the role of collective bargaining and other forms of employee involvement at workplace level in (co) governing the black box of Algorithmic Management with a view to identifying the main challenges for workers and their representatives. It explores the contribution of industrial relations to inclusive Algorithmic Management understood as the turn to more transparency in the design and implementation of AI-based systems at company level and guaranteeing human oversight of automated processes. Moreover, the project also aims to learn from best practices, develop collective bargaining strategies and provide recommendations for trade unions, workers’ representatives and employers for negotiating the conditions under which AM and AI systems are used.


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Tags: algorithmic management, artificial intelligence, equal opportunities, industrial relations, social partners

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